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My Approach

 I approach therapy as a dynamic, creative and collaborative process. I hope that you find the space I provide a safe and supportive space where you can decompress and make sense of things in order to make the changes you want to see. I am passionate about helping individuals get to know themselves better, to feel more connected in the world, and lead more supported lives. What I know more than anything is that you are the expert of yourself and you have access to unlimited source of wisdom within you. I am here to hold the lantern as you explore and rediscover the sources that live within. 


My approach is grounded in Psychosynthesis, a holistic and integrative form of counselling and psychotherapy that empowers our journey to wholeness. Psychosynthesis, often referred to as the psychology of the soul, acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual and seeks to bring together all aspects of the person – mind, body, emotions, and spirit – into a harmonious and authentic whole. This approach empowers you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and desires, fostering self-awareness, inner healing, and personal growth. I love this approach because it aims to develop greater awareness and freedom of choice and holds that we are always growing and evolving to become who we truly are. Psychosynthesis not only explores past experiences that impact or limit our life in the present, but also focuses on the future and what is emerging. 

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